Monday, 6 July 2015

Today I Stuffed a Rat

No it wasn't for dinner!
It's our village Scarecrow Festival at the end of the month and Brenda is making a Pied Piper scarecrow for our Monday Craft Club's entry.

She arrived today with lots of rats in a box.  Some were made with cones of carpet and the rest were made from hesian shopping bags.

They all needed ears and eyes added and the hessian ones needed stuffing and tails made.  So we all stuffed a rat this morning .....

Pic 1 is Margaret & Lily's rats and mine is at the bottom with it's plaited tail.  I had been stamping snowmen ready to die cut later.

Pic 2 is Janet stuffing hers. She'd been doing cross stitch.

Pic. 3  some finished carpet rats

Pic.4 Sandra and Pam sticking on eyes and ears with glue guns.

We had about 40 members there today and everyone got involved.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Do please came back again.


Lou said...

sounds like a lot of fun. we used to love hunting around for scarecrows when the boys were small x

Diane said...

Absolutely love your title Barb, just made to laugh. What a super cute idea for your village Scarecrow Festival.

Hugs Diane