Friday 18 September 2015

Smiles on Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

My picture today was taken a couple of weeks ago and was the last time I saw this little chap at our feeder.  He was visiting several times a day for ages then suddenly didn't come back again.

Two of our close neighbours have walnut trees in their garden and I'm wondering if walnuts have more appeal than the sunflower hearts we are offering - or perhaps he's decided to go to bed early.

I've had a another good week.  On Monday I crafted with friends, Tuesday I bought a new handbag and this morning I've had my hair done and believe me it needed doing.  Best of all I've just won the random winner prize on the Creative Fingers Challenge.

Hubby has just asked if I'd like to go out for lunch so no cooking for me today.  The only downside is that I have a pile of ironing to do this afternoon.

I'm off to visit my friend in Essex in the morning and on Sunday we're going away for a couple of days which includes a tour round the Coronation Street studio.  I'm really looking forward to that as I've been watching that soap for about fifty years - really.

I hope you've enjoyed a good week and hope you all have a good weekend.

I'm linking up to Annie's blog where she hosts "Smiles on Friday" each week.  It's a happy place to visit.


Annie said...

So many smiles for you this week. I love watching the squirrels but get annoyed at them pinching the bird food....guess I can't have it all eh? :-)
Have a great week.
Annie x

JoZart Designs said...

Look like you are going to have a fun weekend. I too have never been to the set of Corrie and it's not too far away from me. Many friends who have been said it is a great trip and I know someone who came all the way from Australia especially to visit there.
The squirrels are so cute but they do so much damage and steal the bird food. My garden is covered in Oak seedlings thanks to their planting acorns and we don't have an Oak anywhere in the area.
Jo x

Erika said...

Great photo Barb, I always want to shout SQUIRREL when I see one, you won't know why unless you have seen the kids animation fill UP. It is something we have always done since watching that film.
Have a lovely meal today and enjoy your few days away.

Hugs Erika. x

Laura said...

I see a face like that Barb and I immediately think 'mischief'!
Have a good weekend!

Lisa Andersson said...

Great photo!
Hugs Lisa

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Barb, it was sudden and I think that is what made it worse.
You sound as if you have had a very busy and fun filled week with more to come, hope you enjoyed your meal out and you will most definitely enjoy your visit to 'Corrie' I'm sure.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh I just love squirrels - this little guy is so cute! Great photo! Enjoy your lunch out with hubby!

Anne said...

Hi Barb what a good week you have had. lovely photo. I am fascinated watching them - very clever animals. Anne x

Sue Jones said...

What a fab week! Congratulations on the prise :) Enjoy your meal - We are have fish and chips from a van that delivers ( they are good!) tonight so no cooking for me either :). Have a great week . Soojay xx

Hettie said...

Gosh you sound like you are having a whirlwind week....but in a nice way. Can I bring my ironing over please?
That squirrel photo looks fab. We have a few playing with the acorns and they don't care at what time, so some (most) mornings I wake up to the sound of machine gun fire on my roof!!
Have a lovely time away.

MaryH said...

Cute visitor at your feeder. We get these critters and they can empty our feeder within a day! Sounds like you are having a joyous time of late, and I'm so glad for you. Having all these happy things in your life, helps for when things are not that busy & fun. The studio tour sounds grand, and you just have a fantastic time. See ya when you get back, and congrats on your prize win too. Hugs! TFS

Greta said...

Congrats on your win & sounds like lots of fun planned--enjoy!

Nessa's Crafty Place said...

What a cute little guy Barb :)Walnut trees-hmmm,well I can't blame him if he has headed off to sample the delights!!
Sounds like you have had a busy,busy week-congratulations on your win :)
Have a lovely weekend,Nessa xxx

Robyn Oliver said...

Fabulous week of happy events Barb.. any of us would love to go out to lunch. Enjoy your weekend with some interesting insights to that old TV soap. Cheers Robyn

Jenny L said...

Hi Barb,
great photo.
Sounds like you have had a very good week.
Enjoy your few days away.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.