Wednesday 13 January 2016

WOYWW Week 345

Morning Deskers,

Another week has passed so I'm linking again with Stamping Ground blog where our hostess Julia invites us to join together and show the world what's on our desks today - even better to have a snoop at other peoples work areas.

I'm making a set of ATCs to be posted off in a few days time, using pieces of an old gardening book for the backgrounds.

I'm going to use the flower  and leaf stamps  and have already cut out the mask I want to use.

I'd cut and embossed four butterflies and coloured them too but decided on a change of plan so won't be using them for this project.

I've got a busy few days ahead so will have to stagger my visiting over the next couple of days.

Hope you enjoy whatever you're doing today.


Jane Willis said...

Is the sequin waste for this project too? Looking forward to seeing the finished ATCs

Unknown said...

There are a lot of goodies on your desk. I think I have some of that sequin waste somewhere.... Love the start of the ATCs, too. Thanks for visiting!
Carol N #47

Erika said...

I haven't joined in with Julia for ages, possibly because you can't actually see my desk just now. How bad is my craft room, think your worst and you'll not match it!
A very night and tidy desk there Barb, I wish!

Hugs Erika. x

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment and watch this space for my "results". I am interested in ATC's a new thing I have only just found out. Your table looks very tidy. By the way your link on Stamping Ground does not like back to your site?

Crafty hugs Pen x #53

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I love ATCs though don't make so many now. Will pop back and see how you get on with them. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww crafting, Angela x 17

Neet said...

You have linked to WOYWW instead of your own blog.
Hope we get to see the finished atc's in all their glory - they sound so interesting.
Thanks for visiting me - Hugs, Neet 3 xx

Barb said...

Thanks very much Pen!

Barb said...

Thanks a lot Neet. I don't know how to correct it but I've just logged in again.!

April said...

I hope you'll share your finished ATC. I am a big flower fan. :-) April #56

Sue said...

Hi Barb, Looking forward to seeing the ATCs finished.

Not sure why, but you gave your number as 39, but that takes be to Julia's blog. You are listed as 39, but also 46. I got you on 46.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #27

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I guess Neet told you about your blog entry, so I'll go straight to saying I hope you share your ATCs with us. At least I hope you take photos before you send them off into the world, and will share them once the swap is complete.

Thanks for visiting while I slept. The green tea bags will be used in a fabric dyeing tutorial I'll be posting tomorrow (Thursday), and the papers in the tea water are just because I can't throw anything away. Happy WOYWW from #2.

Cara said...

The discarded butterflies made me smile. Plan A is not always the best one! Looking forward to seeing the finished ATCs if you want to share them.

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see the ATC finishes! They sound like fun to do. I love distress inks

Sharon K #50

trisha too said...

Oooh fun, be sure to show us the finished atcs??

Happy WOYWW, Barb!
#62 today with

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Working now your link :)


Sue Jones said...

I love making ATc's have fun. Thanks for your visit earlier . Have a great week Soojay xx

Anonymous said...

Happy WOYWW. Lovely busy desk I haven't made ATCs for years - still got my collection in folders. Ali x #37

MaryH said...

Looks like a very busy, but tidy, desk which is going to see a lot of wonderful creativity real soon. Can't wait to see the fab results that will come of all these luscious goodies. Have fun with the 'busy' over the next few days. Sometimes the 'busy' just takes hold and doesn't slow down, doesn't it! TFS & Hugs.

Bernice said...

An interesting project - looking good so far.
Bernice #64

Shoshi said...

The ATCs are going to be lovely, Barb. I love printed pages for backgrounds - not something I've ever tried but I should! Thank you for your visit and your nice comment - I'm pleased with my tidying progress but certainly not overdoing it, which is why it's taking me so long lol! We've been out and very busy today but I may do some more tomorrow if I'm up to it. I'm not putting pressure on myself! Glad you like my tiger - he is one of my best pieces. The page has some words from William Blake's poem "Tyger tyger" which I have always loved.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #21

Unknown said...

Hi Barb! Looking very busy on your workdesk. Looking forward to seeing your ATC's. Thanks for popping over to my blog.
Bev xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished atc's and it's also fun to look at other peoples desks too. After visiting a few other blogs that had entered it made me feel a bit better about my own desk. It's akin to Erika's at the moment :)

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

oh ATC fun is always good. Peg 66

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

Did I say I love butterflys!!! I am so far behind this week.

Donna said...

Confess... Did you tidy up a bit first???