Wednesday 24 June 2015


Thank you very much for visiting my little cabin in the garden.

I've enjoyed  lots of time in the past having a nosey around at others work tops and decided to finally take the plunge and show what I'm doing here  today.

This morning I have two friends coming round to craft.  They wanted to learn how to make gate fold cards
so my work top is set up ready.

Their two kits are  waiting ready and the two cards we'll be making standing up behind.  Cuttlebug is at the ready and hidden behind and beside it is everything they'll need to make the first card.

I know that it won't be so tidy in two hours time,  I start off like this every morning but of cause it's very quickly looking like a real mess.  I'm sure you know what  I mean.  Next time I'll take a photo later in the day.

I'm off now to pay a visit to you at Stamping Ground blog WOYWW before my friends arrive.


Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

Looking neat, tidy and ready to craft. Peg R #26

Glenda said...

It's always nice to have someone visit to craft along with you! I'm all alone in my crafting and would love it if my area had more things to do to be with others! Glenda #29

Lou said...

Hope it was a perfect day for you and you all enjoyed yourselves x

Stacy Sheldon said...

YAY for you for joining us. it looks like you have a really great space and lots of light to play in :) and that is so sweet for them that you are able & willing to teach them the cards. thanks for the earlier visit ~Stacy #49

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I actually ended up with two messages from you, Barb, so thank you. I am glad you liked my parchment. It is a very addictive craft. I hope your two friends had a successful afternoon of crafting. xxx Maggie #8

Helen said...

Hope you've had a great time crafting together, and they didn't leave your fabulous desk too untidy! Thanks for visiting, and the comments - I am more used to people saying they hate football!! Helen 3

Hettie said...

Oooo I am intrigued by your Craft Cabin...I fancy one but after all the hard work Hubby did to get my craft room, I am kinda scared to ask!!
I hope you had fun with your friends. I always like it when my Buddy comes up to play in my room.
Liking your poppies on the windowsill. Glasses?
xx #51

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi there Barb, thanks for dropping by my blog! It's good to meet you :-)
What a lovely crafting space you have there, I love that you're going to mess it up with your friends. Hope the gate fold cards worked out ok! I like the poppies on your windowsill too :-)
Hugs, LLJ 9 xxx

Lisca said...

What a lovely craft cabin! You lucky lady!
Isn't it nice when other people come to craft with you, whether you teach them something or whether you take inspiration from others. It's always nice to craft with friends.
I hope it all went well and that your desk got pleasantly messy,
Have a good week,

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Thanks for stopping in and showing off your little nook in the woods. It looks like a great place to be even when you aren't crafting. I love that wall of bins with so much nice stuff right there at your fingertips. It looks like you have everything well put together for your class. You and your friends will have a great time. You are right about how a desk can just suddenly get messy, almost like magic. It happens to me all the time. Thanks for the visit earlier. Judy #50

Barb said...

How wonderful to have so many visitors over the past few days.. Thank you all for leaving such lovely friendly comments. I really enjoyed taking part in my first WOYWW and will certainly be back again. xxx

Lizzie said...

Hello Barb, so glad you decided to join in with a post this week. It's nice to watch or read blogs from the sidelines, but even better once you get brave and join in!
I have slight "cabin envy", though I do have a very nice little studio - which would be even bettr, if I tidied it up! I'm very impressed by the ssentence that says your desk starts off tidy each morning... Mine is rarely tidy and spends its time covered in stuff for several projects at once.
Thanks for visiting to see my busy workspace, also for your nice comment. I hope you will come back again sometimes.
Have a good weekend (since it's now Friday)!
Lizzie #55

Vikki said...

Wow I read you profile and you said you make 60 - 80 cards....that's amazing! I hope your craft/teaching day went well and thanks for popping in and checking out my desk. Vikki #19

Julia Dunnit said...

Welcome to WOYWW Baran, how nice to have another cabin crafter along! I must say though, that it's a lot bigger than your description, I think you're being modest! Bet your friends love coming round to such a. Well prepared nice to have fun and achieve something too! I read in your Preference is for stamping.mone too, just love it. Can't match you on numbers though, crikey, I think I make about six or seven amounts and a bit of scrapbooking !