Thursday 19 March 2015

Nothing wasted!

Well here's the proof that I don't waste anything.

After cutting out the wellies you can see that there wasn't a lot of waste.  I used the small leaf punch to cut out the leaves that are on the right hand side.  I think there were about 20   leaves that went into the jar of bits that I use regularly.

I keep this punch together with a couple of small flower punches and a small heart punch close at hand all the time.

The leaves on the wellies card are kraft card and were from this jar of punched bits.

1 comment:

Shoshi said...

Great wellies, Barb, and a brilliant idea for the scraps. I don't have many punches but I think some small leaf or flower ones would be useful for this sort of thing - I have a small heart which I use for scraps sometimes. It's a very good idea to have a pot to put them all in so you can have a rummage when you need some small embellishments.